Device Purchasing Rebate Program

Below is a checklist of steps that each district must complete to receive reimbursement funding for Device Purchasing,

The check will be mailed to your district’s business office at the address on file in the EEM.

Accounting Information

  • When accounting for Device Purchasing Rebate funds from the Device Purchasing Program/Distance Learning CRF Grant (CFDA # is 21.019), use Major Class Code 417, Suffix Code 0250.
  • When accounting for expenditures of the funds, use Grant Code 483. Additionally, the appropriate instruction function based on grade level should be used.
  • If the expenditure occurred in the previous fiscal year…For FY21, to show these expenditures of federal funds from the prior year without inflating your current year expenditures, an entry netting to zero but reclassifying an expenditure amount to the proper grant code would look like this (using teacher salary function-object codes just as an example):
    • Debit     11-111-1240-4830           $10,000
    • Credit    11-111-1240-0000           $10,000

Questions? Please contact Karen Hairston at 


Device purchasing is facilitated through the REMC Association of Michigan

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